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About THC

The THC is a worldwide traveler and self-published author who lived and traveled in several countries and speaks several languages. He supports the reclaiming of Afrikan roots for the Afrikans of the Diaspora.  Peace and Blessings ❤️✊🏽💯

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My Story

Growing up in the mean streets of Eastside Long Beach, California as a teenager in the 80's when the crack epidemic and gang banging almost destroyed the Black Community.

Becoming awakened, gaining knowledge of self and breaking the cycle of the institution of post-slavery.  How repatriation to Afrika could be the only solution to save those whose ancestors prayed for us to return back to the Motherland and help it to REGAIN THE GLORY THAT IT ONCE WAS. 

Being professional by Paul Sumbi

"Always be professional even if someone is unprofessional with you, because you'll win 99 to 100% of the time"

If you're facing acts of  racism or discrimination at work and you're looking for a solution to remedy the problem.  You must remain professional at all times, because if you don't then you won't win and if you do then you'll win!

Buy My Book

12 Step Guide to Developing Friendships with Muslims: A Brief Understanding of Muslims Practices and Islam Volume 1 


As a Muslim, I wrote this book for non-Muslims to help in their goal of establishing friendships with Muslims. It is for the non-Muslim who have associates who are Muslims and honestly want to learn about their culture and religion (way of life), Islam. Several of my friends who are non-Muslims have discussed with me throughout the years about their desire to befriend other Muslims and to better understand Islam, so I wrote this book for them as well.


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